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Climate Tech
Finance Program

down triangle icon 1 The Air District awarded a loan guarantee to EvGateway, an electric vehicle solutions management company focused on accelerating the adoption and use of electric vehicles by making them easier to use. EvGateway has developed a software portfolio which enables operators of EV chargers to manage and operate their chargers as well as allowing consumers to locate and reserve available chargers, see amenities available at the chargers, view charging rates, and pay for their vehicle charging. EvGateway licenses its software to Siemens, Tritium and Revel through a white label program. In addition, EvGateway operates and maintains vehicle chargers for companies and municipalities, including Southern California parks, beaches, and the City of Los Angeles.

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in loan contributions through
Climate Tech Finance


metric tons of CO2 per year in GHG
reductions from all Climate Tech
Finance projects


climate technology
projects funded through
Climate Tech Finance

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projects were supported to address key barriers to heat pump water heater adoption

Building decarb

Webinar Series

down triangle icon 3 As part of its Building Decarbonization Program, the Air District convened a three-part webinar series on building decarbonization to facilitate the exchange of programs and policy approaches from around the Bay Area. Topics included the connection between public health and other community benefits and building retrofits, addressing equity while decarbonizing the existing building stock, and building low-carbon resilience after wildfires. Speakers featured staff from Bay Area local governments and community choice energy programs.

Climate Protection|
Heat Pump

down triangle icon 4 Through its Climate Protection Grant Program, the Air District funded coordinated projects to incentivize and build the market for heat pump water heaters. Utilizing the Bay Area’s very low-carbon electricity, switching from natural gas water heating to electric pump water heaters reduces greenhouse gas emissions and harmful air pollutants. The Air District’s grants supported projects of the Bay Area Regional Energy Network, StopWaste, the City of San Jose, Marin County and Silicon Valley Clean Energy. In addition to providing incentives to low-income and regular electricity customers, these projects worked together to build a regional market for heat pump water heaters by addressing key barriers at every point in the supply chain.


projects were supported to address key barriers to heat pump water heater adoption

Bay Area Healthy|
Homes Initiative

down triangle icon 5 The Air District is supporting the expansion of Contra Costa County’s asthma pilot project to Alameda County, as the Bay Area Healthy Homes Initiative. Through the initiative, the Air District works with county health departments, the Bay Area Regional Energy Network, and other local partners to bring comprehensive solutions to improve health outcomes for low-income asthma patients. The program implements in-home retrofits including energy efficiency and switching to electric appliances to reduce indoor exposure to air pollution, reduce climate pollutants, and increase residents’ disposable income from energy savings. The initiative will track indoor air quality improvements, residents’ health outcomes, and climate pollutant reductions to document the program’s benefits and serve as a blueprint for integrated health-protective programs across the Bay Area.

quote icon The Bay Area Healthy Homes Initiative will track indoor air quality improvements, residents’ health outcomes, and climate pollutant reductions to document the program’s benefits.

Sustainable aviation fuel

Sustainable Aviation|

down triangle icon 6 The report entitled, Sustainable Aviation Fuel: Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Bay Area Commercial Aircraft, was released by the Air District in 2021, examining the potential positive air quality effects of sustainable aviation fuel. Sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, is a drop-in replacement for conventional jet fuel that can significantly reduce full-fuel-cycle greenhouse gas emissions from jet aircraft engines. It is currently required to be used in a blend with conventional jet fuel, at up to 50 percent SAF by volume.

Commuter Benefits|
Flex Your|

down triangle icon 7 In May, the Air District and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission announced the rollout of a new compliance option for the regional Commuter Benefits Program, which requires Bay Area employers with 50 or more employees to provide commuter benefit options to their employees. Now, employers can select a telework option that would allow their employees to work one or more days a week from home if their workload permits.

The Air District launched the Flex Your Commute messaging program, promoting a partnership between Bay Area employers and employees to encourage sustainable commuting and rethink how their workforce commutes. The program provides messaging and tools to help motivate employees to choose sustainable commute options — including telework — as the Bay Area transitions toward a reimagined work environment.

quote icon The regional Commuter Benefits Program now allows employers to select a telework option for their employees.

Commute benefits flex commute


new publicly available chargers were funded
through Charge! and VW programs


residents have participated in the
Clean Cars For All program since
it began in 2019


in state funding was
secured to continue the
CCFA program

Expanding Electric
Vehicle Adoption

down triangle icon 8 In 2021, the Air District continued its work to increase electric vehicle adoption in the region. Through the Charge! and VW programs, $5.94M in grants was awarded to add 560 publicly available chargers to the Bay Area’s electric vehicle charging network. The VW funding was part of a $5M state-wide program administered by the Air District for EV charging.

The Clean Cars for All (CCFA) program helped low-income residents replace older vehicles with clean air vehicles or alternative mobility options, primarily in disadvantaged communities. CCFA has awarded more than $20M to more than 2,400 eligible residents since the program began in March 2019 and continues to be a popular program. Additionally, the Air District secured $11.33M in state funding to continue support for the program.

Staff continue efforts to bring EV charging to residents of multi-family buildings and initiated a project in partnership with StopWaste to provide education, outreach, and technical assistance for multi-family building owners and managers regarding EV charging infrastructure. Finally, staff finalized the EV Acceleration Plan, which reviews the current EV ecosystem in the region and identifies areas for future expansion.

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Emission Reductions|
Grant Funding


zero-emission tractors were
deployed under the FARMER


older polluting cars were removed
from the road through the Vehicle
Buy Back program


was awarded to incentivize
over 2,900 clean air projects


class 8 zero-emission trucks were
funded for deployment at the
Port of Oakland


zero-emission electric yard trucks
were contracted to replace old
diesel equipment


marine engines were awarded
to be replaced with cleaner technologies